Welcome to Cardiff North Tutors

Hi, I’m Simon Buttler, specialist tutor in A level and GCSE maths for all boards.

I cover the whole of A level including mechanics, statistics and further maths.

Whether at home or online I provide individual tuition tailored to your needs.

  • support for school work
  • extending and enriching the syllabus
  • exam techniques and revision tips
  • past papers

I am available for home lessons during the day, on weekdays after school and on Saturdays.  I try to reserve late afternoon slots for GCSE pupils who are unable to have daytime lessons.  I mainly work in the north Cardiff area to save travelling time and reduce my carbon footprint.

I can teach in almost any quiet corner, given an adequately lit table and room for two people to sit. If you need advice on support materials, I will help you find suitable textbooks and online resources. In particular, remember that students about to start A level will require an upgraded calculator – the basic GCSE model is not adequate.

Online Lessons

I prefer to visit students at home, but since the pandemic I have been giving online lessons using a mixture of video calling (Skype), an online whiteboard and shared documents. I am happy to continue doing this if it suits you better. As everybody’s technical skills and equipment vary, I will work with you to develop a system that suits your child. Offering online lessons means that I can teach pupils outside my local area – in fact anywhere in the UK. So please get in touch to discuss your requirements, even if you are not Cardiff based.


I charge £30 per lesson, which will be an hour or a little more. This covers preparation, travel and marking, as well as the lesson itself, and is the same for all levels of ability. The ‘little more’ is important: if an extra few minutes will enable us to complete a topic, then I will run over the hour. For this reason, I ask parents to try not to schedule lessons so that we have to finish exactly on time.

I don’t charge for cancelled lessons, provided you give me reasonable notice. Similarly, if I need to change the day or time of a lesson, I will always discuss this with you in advance.

Contact Me

The best way to find out if I can help is to call me and talk about what needs to be done. Please leave a message if I’m not in and I will call you back as soon as possible.

Telephone: 029 2061 3802

If you prefer to email your enquiry, the address is: simonbuttler@outlook.com

Personal History

After a PhD in scientific archaeology, I worked in the IT industry then stayed at home to look after two small children, now grown up with pupils of their own. I have been tutoring and ghost writing since they started school and have taught and trained students of all ages from 7 to 60.

I specialise in maths but I am always willing to help GCSE pupils with science revision. Just ask.

I can also assist with written work – essays, projects and so on – giving advice on structure, content, style, grammar and punctuation. Please note this does not mean I will write them for you!

I can speak Welsh, but am not fully fluent.  I teach Welsh medium pupils in English, using Welsh words for mathematical terms and concepts where necessary.  This means they can concentrate on the maths, rather than my dodgy vocabulary.  Students intending to study maths or science at university will need the English terminology in any case.